MATLAB Contest

For many years I helped run a MATLAB programming contest at The MathWorks. This page is a resource for pointing to various references and source materials for the contest.

The contest itself can be found on MATLAB Central at


  1. A short paper for CHI 2001. “Patterns of Innovation: A Web-based MATLAB Programming Contest” (PDF)
  2. An article that appeared in ACM interactions magazine in 2004. “In Praise of Tweaking: A Wiki-like Programming Contest” (pdf), ACM interactions {Volume 11, Issue 3, (May + June 2004)}
  3. The above article is translated to Serbo-Croatian by Anja Skrba from U slavu tweak-ovanja: Takmicenje u programiranju po uzoru na wiki
  4. Paper in preparation, available in draft form on the Social Science Research Network. “The Determinants of Individual Performance and Collective Value in Private-Collective Software Innovation” by Ned Gulley, Karim Lakhani (html)

Other Press

Here is some other coverage the contest has received.

  1. Interview by Jon Udell (see also my post)
  2. Chapter 6 in Jeff Howe’s book Crowdsourcing touches on the contest (my post here)
  3. The contest got a mention on the Freakonomics blog.
  4. ECN: Electronic Component News. Cheating is what makes the MATLAB programming contest fun
  5. Electronic Design. Matlab Contest Builds On The Best


Here are the slides for a presentation I gave (along with Karim Lakhani) at the Berkman Center in June (audio and video are available).

MATLAB Programming Contest talk on SlideShare.

One thought on “MATLAB Contest”

  1. I would like to give a plug for the contest to in a talk that I am giving to some grad students. Do you mind if I use some of the slides that you made for your “Addictive Collaboration” talk?

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