New Scientist magazine has

New Scientist magazine has a good article in its November 11th issue, Surf like a Bushman, about biological foraging theory and the hunt for information. Searching for food and searching for information are strikingly similar. I can relate; I feel the primal rush of a successful hunt after tracking something down on the web. The word browse derives from eating.

I love Books on

I love Books on Tape. I used to be embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve given up. Now the only question is whether to say, in idle conversation, that I “read” such and such a book, or to say that I listened to it, but hey that’s just as good. I have a half hour commute, and listening to good books has become one of the high points of my day. Recently “reads”: The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain and I, Claudius by Robert Graves.