Chip Rowe wrote a

Chip Rowe wrote a cool book about zines, and he also maintains a big website about zines. Check out the recommendations page. There is some great stuff in there. There is a desert of abundance in the zine world; this will get you to the good stuff. Here’s how Rowe puts it in the beginning of his book:

Most zines suck. There’s no nice way to say it. The truism coined by Theodore Sturgeon applies: Ninety percent of everything is crap. Most people forget what Sturgeon said about the remaining 10 percent. He said it was worth dying for. I’m dying!

Amen. Me too.

If you visit the

If you visit the Blogger website, one of the things you see is a list of recently updated blogs. I like to check out a few from time to time; it’s almost always entertaining. More than that… it’s a dangerously seductive way to spend time. For instance, look at If you think that web culture is a white geekboy monoculture, this kind of thing will set you straight. It’s like everybody’s out there…