Guy Ottewell is an

Guy Ottewell is an eccentric polymath polyglot kind of guy. His books on astronomy are really unparalleled. Not many pictures on his site, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Buy his Astronomical Companion if you are remotely interested in things remote. Fun fact: he is based at Furman University, where my wife went to school. She says “Go Furman!”

For Christmas, my sweetheart

For Christmas, my sweetheart bought me Ed Pegg Jr.’s cool Chaos Tiles. Here is a snapshot of mine in action.

Notice how you can go for order or chaos, depending on your taste. The whole thing is very appealing. I happily endorse this product.

I was inspired to look for some more sources on the web. Here’s a pretty good Java applet to play with the Penrose tiles in the shapes that I first read about (there are several kinds of Penrose tiles, you’ll be glad to know). This implementation is by Shuxiang Zeng.