GlobeXplorer Java Viewer is

GlobeXplorer Java Viewer is a nice map/satellite image viewing package: just type in the address and you see an aerial or satellite image of the desired location. It similar to Microsoft’s Terraserver, but has the advantage of a MapQuest view alongside the photo for easy reading. The next step will be to overlay the two. I keep wondering: how come none of these map servers still don’t serve up anti-aliased maps? They would look so much better and it can’t be that difficult to do…

I’m amazed at what

I’m amazed at what the folks at GIFWorks can do with a web application. Load, modify, and save images all in the privacy of your very own web browser. It’s not Photoshop, but it goes a long way in a pinch, and it’s free. But I do wonder how they make money. GIFWorks is just one of the things going on at They’re the same folks who bought up Slashdot.