Here’s a weird story

Here’s a weird story for you: Drug policy analyst buys surplus nuclear missile silo, builds giant LSD lab inside, gets ratted out by Kansas farmer, wins support of trepanation-boosting British nobles. No shit. That’s one tasty story. I hope it holds up.

What’s trepanation, you say? Voluntarily drilling a hole in the top of your head to boost your cosmic consciousness. No shit. Follow the link at your own peril. It’s a graphic, detailed, and (I believe) true account of someone who did exactly this. It astounds me that someone would actually do this, but then again I’m not surprised. If we keep up this peace and prosperity routine, flirting with catastrophic enlightenment will only increase. Bring on the gladiator games!

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  1. It would seem common sense that drilling a hole in one’s head would not be recommended for one’s health and well being. Really? What if you were told that Bill Clinton’s mentor at Oxford University, Lord James Neidpath, drilled a hole in his head? Or that the procedure is as old as the ancient Egyptians and Incas that practiced it? Or that those who have undergone the surgery report added energy, increased brain power, and even induce a permanent feeling of high?

    It is the strange phenomena of trepanation, the procedure of drilling a small hole through one’s skull, that is examined by an hour-long documentary released by alternative/rock musician Cevin Soling. ‘A Hole In the Head’ examines the development of “modern” trepanation as used by people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and The Netherlands for the purpose of attaining a higher level of consciousness.

    The DVD can purchased online at

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