“Please enjoy graceful time

“Please enjoy graceful time of the afternoon with the pie of YAMAZAKI in the cafe terrace of a chic town.” This and other excellent Japanese “Engrish” samples appear

here. My all-time favorite is from my friend Bonnie who lived in Japan for several years. She finally figured out the sign OBUN FLESH BECALE that hung outside a bakery she passed every day was supposed to read OVEN FRESH BAKERY.

Check out the new

Check out the new Atomz.com powered search engine on the left side of this screen. I’m happy to give them a plug, because their service is good, fast, and free. I’m extremely impressed with what the Blogger revolution has wrought. You don’t need heavy server-side action on your site if you can make clever use of all the free services out there. These are developments I never would have anticipated…