I’ve always been fascinated

I’ve always been fascinated by chaotic aperiodic tiling along the lines of the famous Penrose tiles. So I was delighted to find a site that actually sells Chaos Tiles. The creator of Chaos Tiles, Ed Pegg Jr., runs the mathpuzzle.com where I spent a long time puzzling and wandering. His links page by itself is worth the price of admission (free). Highly recommended. One of the more entertaining places I ended up in was the Theseus and the Minotaur puzzle on the LogicMazes site. It’s so damned easy to lose track of time on the web, I’ve lost track of time just thinking about it.

Golan Levin’s homemade tidbits

Golan Levin’s homemade tidbits page links to numerous beautifully executed Java applet/artworks, along the same lines as work by Scott Snibbe and Martin Wattenberg. Take a look at the e.e. cummings poem that spools out one word at a time. There’s so much expressive space in this domain, I hope we see a whole raft of explorers like Golan.