View the news that everybody

View the news that everybody uses on the Yahoo! News – Most-viewed content page. The more people look at it, the higher up it moves in the ratings. Speedle is attempting to do a similar thing. Just click one button to send a fun page to a friend. Speedle finds out and puts together stats to show what the most-forwarded web pages are. In the future fads will last no more than ten minutes. Who gives a damn about “all your base are belong to us” now?

Artificial intelligence in games Gamasutra.

Artificial intelligence in games Gamasutra. I’m fascinated by how games are on the leading edge of a lot of interesting stuff in computing, from user interface innovations to virtual reality to artificial intelligence. For instance, the cloying cutesy game Creatures doesn’t interest me much as a game, but it does interest me as a massive experiment in genetic programming. The company takes its genetic programming very seriously and is purposefully expanding the state of the art while making a best-selling game.