Let there be LazyWeb!

One of the best ways to build something that you don’t have time to do yourself is to describe it on a blog and wait for somebody else to build it. This has happened enough times for somebody to give it a name, the LazyWeb. Names are legs for memes, and this one is off and running. I first noticed the LazyWeb concept on Steven Johnson’s site. That pointed me to Matt Jones’ site for an earlier reference to the same concept: if you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about.

More recently, in an interesting fit of automemesis, the LazyWeb willed itself into existence as a site.
LazyWeb.org was created by Ben Hammersley because somebody else, invoking the LazyWeb, said it would be a good idea. Now all you have to do is say the magic word on your blog and the all-seeing LazyBot will scoop it up and deliver into the waiting brains of clever people around the world.

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