Amazing videos

Cheap video cameras bring many things. For all the locker room webcam voyeurism, one of the undeniable benefits of millions of cheap video cameras is that lots of remarkable events now get captured on video that used to be reserved only for eyewitnesses in dangerous or even deadly situations. Dozens of recent tsunami videos fall into this category. I watched all of them that I could find. Gruesome and voyeuristic maybe, but they’re absolutely mesmerizing.

I recently came across a site called It’s a collection of mostly videos with a strong adolescent spin, but there are some amazing videos in there. For example, look at this remarkable shot of a Japanese landslide: Big Landslide.

The segments are all quite short. I don’t know how they pay for the bandwidth. They seem to get a lot of unedited raw video of accidents. Once you start watching, you can’t stop. Here are two different accidents involving military helicopters. For instance, what does it look like when a helicopter tips over too close to the ground? This. And if you’re refueling your helicopter over the desert, don’t do this. It’s a wonder those damn things fly at all.

Not all the videos are violent. Here’s a quiet but surprisingly entertaining puzzle that challenges you to spot the difference between two rural scenes.