I’m published!

The Yankees vs. Red Sox Reader

If you are interested in any of the ten thousand opportunistic books about the famous baseball rivalry between New York and Boston, I thoughtfully encourage you to consider The Yankees vs. Red Sox Reader. Happily, this particular instance of the genre includes a short essay by me. Check out the table of contents: there I am on page 259, just after a New Yorker piece by Roger Angell. I was just kidding old Roger about how I was batting cleanup for him. He laughed… he’s a big joker himself… but I could see it bugged him. Of course I only tease Roger because I love him.

Naturally you can always read my essay here, chez Star Chamber, but if you really want to read it on paper, you can either print it with your inkjet or send Amazon $10.85.

2 thoughts on “I’m published!”

  1. Ned – congratulations! Great to see your wonderful writing recognized. And in a sports book no less!

  2. Ned,

    I laughed and cried when I read this essay. It is beautifully written and absolutely wrenching. You couldn’t have described the essence of happiness better. It is even fleeting for the parents of normal children.

    Congratulations on getting the essay published in a book.



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