Go Sox!

As a Boston-based blogger, I can’t let the recent events in Colorado pass without a mention. At this point, I’m just wondering if there are any more National League fields named after beer companies. Beer parks have brought good luck to the Red Sox, first in Busch Stadium in 2004 and now in Coors Field. A quick review of all the parks turns up chewing gum and orange juice, but no more beers. Mmmm… chewing gum.

To my brother in Colorado, who gamely called me tonight and offered a friendly wager (so long as he was allowed to bet on the Sox), I will point out that losing to the Sox in 2004 brought good luck to the Cardinals in 2006.

UPDATE: My beer assertion above is wrong. Owing to a bleary-eyed posting oversight last night, I completely missed the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park. Astute reader Chris K points out in the comments that the stars are now aligned for a Brewers/Sox showdown. Thanks Chris!

2 thoughts on “Go Sox!”

  1. Congratulations Beantown!(bean-town?)
    I’m wondering if, with the Curse gone and everything, if we on the Left coast will be “cursed” by East Coast dominated World Series.
    Go A’s!!

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