A successful walk for autism research

This report is long overdue, since after all the Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism was on October 14th. But it took us a while to get all the final fundraising details sorted out, and then we had to do some last minute procrastination. But at last the results are in…

I am happy to report that the walk was a great success with fantastic weather, more than a dozen walkers on Jay’s team, and 16,000 walkers altogether.

Of course, since this was a fund raising walk, there is a bottom line. By that measure, the walk was also successful. Jay’s team (thanks to your help) raised more than $8800 for Autism Speaks, and the entire walk brought in over $1.2 million.

Here’s a picture taken before the walk started. The walk was at a race track (Suffolk Downs in Boston), as you can see from the background of these pictures. I was really disappointed that they didn’t play the bugle calls before the start of the race, er, walk.


This is Wendy at her ribbon-making station. Just like last year, she helped make colorful inspiration ribbons to honor the autistic children we were there to support.


Here’s Jay’s sister Carolyn standing next to some of the ribbons.


This picture was taken just after we finished the walk. You can see it was a fit group: a trip around this track can wear out a thoroughbred, yet everybody in the picture looks comfortable and rested. It is possible, I admit, that those horses take the turns a little faster than we did.


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  1. Dear Ned and Wendy – I’m glad I can do something but I know it is not enough. I am seriously considering walking next year – keep me posted so I can block that weekend:)

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