Moore’s Meta-Law

Warning! Moore’s Meta-Law is in grave danger of becoming obsolete. Moore’s Law, as you are no doubt aware, says that the computing power of a single chip will double every 18 months. Moore’s Meta-Law states that usage of the phrase “Moore’s Law” in the world press will double every 12 months. After years of solid predictability, there now appear to be both long term and short term limitations to Moore’s Meta-Law. In the immediate future, we can expect to see continuing heavy impact from Monica and Bill as they drain the resources of every available journalist: more Monica means less Moore. Is this the future you deserve? Don’t you deserve Moore?

Working on exactly this principle, several House Democrats led by Rep. Brian Tinker (Calif.) have proposed a “More Moore’s Law Law” that would legally coerce journalists to include more mentions of Moore’s Law in their articles (and by extension, fewer mentions of Monica).

In the long run, and perhaps more disturbingly, we can expect to hit the true physical limitations of Moore’s Meta-Law early in the next century. According to current calculations, by late 2004, every word appearing in the technical press will be either “Moore” or “Law”. Beyond this horizon predictions are sketchy, but we should remember that in the past researchers have always managed to skirt even the most dire obstacles. Dr. Lester Wu of Bell Labs observes that “we may well work out a very
satisfactory semaphore system, not unlike Morse Code, in which the dashes and dots are replaced by the words Moore and Law.” Armed with this “Moore’s
Code” we could, in theory, stay on track for another ten years or so merely by increasing the total output of published matter in the world’s press.

It’s exciting that this is what we’ve come to expect from the rapidly changing face of technology. Or put another way: “law moore law law moore moore law moore law law law moore law law moore law moore moore law!”

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