Moving time

Does it bother anybody else out there that after you mess up your room, the next thing you do is clean it up? You see the problem: they both go up. This means the room keeps going up and up forever, as though rising on an endlessly telescoping hydraulic lift. Eventually something has to give way and topple. It’s unnerving.

The signs of millennial collapse are everywhere.

For Paracelsus this year, spring cleaning is giving way to summer moving. As the new owner of a house (he’s upgrading), he has to clean up the old apartment, pack up his belongings, and then set them up in the new place. He’s not sure if he’s up to the challenge. “Cheer up!” you may advise him, but a mild fear of heights has him wondering if things will ever calm down again.

To help us all stay down-to-earth, Wally, a great good friend of Paracelsus from Way Back When, tells us a story this week about rolling down the highway.


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