John Lynch, artist

Wally is a close friend from high school. You may remember his elegant description of a Coke can getting flattened in Nevada during the last installment of Travels with Wally back in May.

Wally’s back, and he’s got an even better story this time around. But don’t take my word for it. Read about the carburetor that saved his life.

Also, we’re thrilled to have a Web premiere showing of the paintings of John Lynch, an artist currently working in California.

Finally, Paracelsus has made some changes to his index page that should make it a little easier to find that special back issue you’ve been trying to track down. Collect ’em all! Also featured in this listing are all the authors that Paracelsus has sponsored in this space, including not only the illustrious Wally, but also Anne Onnamus, Gecko,
Ortelius (winner of the cool signature image award), Pandora, and three-time contributor St. Frank.

And now, on with the show.