33 thoughts on “Am I GOTH or NOT”

  1. Goths are not just people who go around wearing black, they are just intersted by all things dark and mysterious, maybe even scary. Sure I wear black but that doesnt make me goth.

  2. people call me goth too. i don’t know if i really am one. i just call myself an idividual and get annoyed when people call me gothic.

  3. what makes someone a goth? coz i wear black clothes, eyeliner, nailpolish etc… people call me a goth.but i really dont know if i am

  4. some ppl call me goth and it doesnt bug me cause everyone is entitled to an opinion! i’m not going to say i’m anything except for an individual, cause i dont feel that labels are appropriate for any situation, and only being 13 i figure that everything we do could just b a phase…but one thing i do kno for sure: i love getting reactions and i love the color black, big deal right..ha…

  5. Hey my name is also chanelle co incidentally , but i have lately been listenning to like slipknot etc, goth music, and i have been dressing in slightly more black than usual, some ppl are saying that ium turning goth? I dont know…

  6. im allways getting called a goth cuz i luv black and im all into death and cuz im like obsessed wit nightwish the band lol but i dont consider me to be goth im me and theres notin to it

  7. people ask me if i am goth, and i answer yes. i am proud of being goth. not many people in my school are. so that makes me proud that i can be an individual. my friends are goths and so is my boyfriend. people at my school hate goths. but i really don’t care what they say. i like being different.

  8. i just don’t get why anyone should care. it shouldn’t matter what you are. people can be so cruel. why do we need a lable anyway? it really doesn’t matter. i really don’t care what people say or think. if you really think about it, it shouldn’t matter to you. if you go through life being concerned with what other people think of you, you’ll go through life in pain. but yeah, i am goth. and, you could say that i am pretty proud of it. my group of friends and i are all goth. some of us even have and go by our goth names. i do. i like being goth. it defines that i am different from the world.

  9. I consider myself goth…i like black sure but there are fun colors like flouresent green, orange yellow…ect…the music i liek is verry strict, Whumpscutt, bile, mushroomhead, vnv nation, techknophobia, coal chamber, ect.I hate society and what mankind has done to it and im not depressed…im fucking fine if i was sad i wouldnt care what i wore and wouldnt go out of my way to wear blac…have a happy life

  10. i consider myself gothic i have been asked by my friends if they are gothic and i ask them if they think they are then yes but if they just wear black clothing and don’t think they are then they aren’t but you do have posers, mostly though it’s what you think not everyone else.

  11. i wear black everyday, and get asked if im gothic, i dont really consider myself gothic, but just to mess w/ ppl, i tell them i am and that i will kill them in their sleep for asking me

  12. I have gone though my life wearing mostly black, sure i like gothic music, but so what i like al types of music and if you are called a goth just for the way you look and how you act or what you listen to so what, you cant make peopel have a view on you, The only reason that people lable you is to put you into groups, well if they want to do that fine let them

  13. everyone in my village calls me and my friend a goth but maybe if i did not live in -tiny town-ireland it might be different anyways their are a million different people who think a goth is a million different things but i still wish people were more openminded and we are not all depressed ok.my slogan-“I AM USED TO BEING CALLED A GOTH BUT I AM NOT.”

  14. im a guy who wears black make up black clothes im in to death and dark things i luv listenin to goth music too but i dont consider myself goth i just consider myself to be some one who is diff. from evryone else basically i consider me myself lol

  15. I’m SO used 2 being called a goth, b/c I know that I am most of the time. When I am around my parents, I don’t act like a goth b/c they don’t like goths. But I am 100% goth. My friends even say that I am a goth.

  16. But theres nothing wrong with being a goth anyway, does it even matter if somone calls you one, if you do accept it, people have the right to think for themself and nothing you can do can change that

  17. Most people accuse me or ask me if I am goth. I admire many people who “are” or dress in that style. i think it is all beautiful. I wear a lot of black and the style(as much as I can, my parents are christians and don’t approve) but some days I am too depressed and weak to care so i just throw on jeans. then ppl are like “you’re not wearing black”. I said fuck u! who cares? so some days I may fit into the “emo” category…others punk. I like the punk look also. I am always accused of being morbid, etc. I love the music. But I don’t go around calling myself that. I don’t go by labels, plus I don’t want to be a poser. I used to be “normal” and everybody liked me or were jealous btu for some reason i changed. I have my friends, but many ppl judge me before they know me so they don’t like me becuz I am “goth”. I like hot topic but so what. I don’t know who i am. I am confused right now. My parents would freak if they knew what I thought, so i try to act happy but it doesn’t always work. noone understands me, becuz sometimes i am snippy so my mom yells at me. My sis was goth like before and suicidal (she is kinda preppy/girly but not snobby now) so my mom is worried about me but i just wish she’d leave me alone. i am only 12 so I am prob gonna change btu i don’t want to. I have been called goth for a few years now except by my few friends who hate goths or think other wise. i don’t hate goths but I don’t call myself one (have i said this already) lol. I act happy sometimes but deep inside i am depressed. that doesn’t mean i’m goth but i also like dark things…how evil?! i used to be a good little christian girl..oopsie i changed…argh I am angry with the world…sorry for rambling…just wondering, does anyone feel this way or am I alone?? I love the dark

  18. Sorry guys about that above. I don’t talk about these things in person, but I don’t know anybody here so i just ramble. But i never share these feelings with others..how poser-ish would that be? I have a question, is carving letters into ur skin and disigns or thinkigna bout it or wanting to self mutilate count as si? i want to cut..but i am scared what my mom would do if she….who cares? maybe i should.to rebel and to express my pain not for attention..don’t want them to see….but i don’t like know how to clean up the mess and keep it secret…etc etc……..any advice? what kind of objects should I use??sorry I am messed up..but I don’t know u so who cares what i say here…i just need to let this shit out of my head…………………argh….~death comes to those who don’t expect it~

  19. If your thinking of carving letters into your skin just remember your with it for life, i have slit my wrists before and i cut the vain, when i had done it i was just still the same person nothing about me had changed only that now i had scars on my wrists that will be with me for life, i have to cover them up with sweatbands and things when im at school.
    But its not somthing you do to rebel, i did it because it made me feel alive but i aslo wanted to kill myself, ive learned to deal with things life has thrown at me but even so it still gets to me but theres nothing i can do, also your not alone, i spent my life just being myself but because of that i got labled a goth but i deal with it

  20. im also considered a goth, in fact, when people dont call me a goth, i get pissed off, even though lables are stupid, i enjoy having people know what i am,although i dont mean to sound like im a pair of shoes. i love goth music, the goth cukture, the goth stlye an attitude. im fasinated and glad when people recognize it. the only thing is, my mum doesnt know that id rather go extreme goth, because thats how i feel i want to express myself, she hates goths, thinks they are weird and unusual.

  21. Most people think goth are weird and unusual, but there really nothing wrong with being a goth but i agree that lables are stupid but so what if your called a goth

  22. well i sure am a goth …i dont like telling ppl i am beacuse it feels poserish …but i got advice 4 ALL OF U dont care what ppl say u are u and goth is a name that says HEY U ARE A INDIVIDULE PERSON not all goths are the same IF U KNOW UR DIFFRENT HAVE UR OWN STYLE and think dark then the lable goth describes u no need to GET MAD over being called goth just simply walk away and u walk alone in this world haveing ur own style no need for what other ppl think u are just what u consider ur self to be….^-^ so there hope u will understand….

  23. I get what you mean. I’m often called a goth by people who either know me or don’t. I can only say that i’m proud of what i am. The only label i need is ‘individual’ because i’m guilty of that. I grew up with a goth in my family-my mum, i grew up to be like her but in my own style. I don’t get annoyed with being taunted for being different. I don’t mind being who i am, my friend is a ‘punk’ and my boyfriend is just strange. Whenever we three walk down the street heads turn. people stare but who cares. Just remember this: ‘Be who you want to be and let other people be who they want to be. Lifes a bitch to those who are different… Love it.’

  24. HMMM . . It seems tat if you lot do not care about people calling you goth, why do you rable on about it on the net??? . . Im gothic . .but i’ve grown up with all people. . including chavs, i love them they look after me, but I’ve learn’t that the majority of the time its goths predujice and stereotyping that makes you hated ( even if you don’t know your doing it. . .being frightened of them and walking away from you is very insulting you know??)) Ihate hwo society classes people as stuff. Sites like chavscum and gothornot are pathetic because they only add to the tension between groups. My chav mates love my pvc skirts, wacky tights and new rocks . .you just to conciously accept them first!!!! love you xxxx

  25. ok i think that we can all agree that you should be what you want to be, just rember to be yourself and really who cares about being classed

  26. People call me goth, coz I have long hair, wear black, like horror movies and books and shit, listen to death metal etc. But yeah, I dont give a fuck. People can call me goth as much as they like. I might be goth, or I might not.

    And yeah, I have loads of friends that arent “goth”, so yeah, I dont care about labels. I just hate people that try to do anything to fit into a label.

  27. I don’t know where i am/where i’m posting/why i’m posting/if i’m posting, but i’d like to comment on the fact that goths are the least individual people i’ve met and their style is ludacris. Goths have been the same for generations and are in no way, shape, or form individual, in any sense of the word. you’re all completly rediculous. The world is not percieved in that way, everything is not dark and suicidal, grow up and stop following everybody else. and stop having suicidal thoughts. and stop thihnking you’re in love at young ages, because it’s neurochemically impossible. i hate you. I have ludicrasly strong feelings about goths and idiots, please ignore that statement and return to your lives.

  28. First goths have not been around for generations, it started in 1980s as the era of punk died out (though punk is still around today)and goths dont all have suicdal thoughts, why does everbody think that.
    The question you should be asking is what a goth is and what makes you a goth, the answer is simple there is no answer, all goths are different you will not find one the same as the other thats what makes them more unique and individual then any other type of people i know, just because you like stuff that is called dark doesnt make you a goth, just because you listen to music that is called gothic doesnt make you a goth, what i belive does make you a goth is by choosing to be different than everyone else, why should you do what other people tell you , do what you want, live your life how you want to live it and most of all BE YOURSELF

  29. Sorry to barge in on the thread like this, but is there any way to get a spellcheck type application appended to the comment posting apparatus? I think we could all benefit.

  30. I’m closing this thread to further comments. This conversation could clearly go on for a long long time and this place isn’t really set up to be a chat room.

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