I always enjoy reading any

I always enjoy reading any interview with Chris Ware. He’s a thoughtful talented artist. Here’s a good extended quote from the The Onion.

I guess I’ve read once or twice that people think I’m “trying to bum them out,” which certainly isn’t the case. I’m only trying to present as honest a portrayal of the grimness of human ambition as I can. I’d hope it’s rather uplifting, actually, since I find the sort of blind optimism and empty laughter of a great deal of “contemporary culture” to be more depressing than something that admits to a potential for disappointment and a gnawing sense of existential mockery. I don’t trust art that promises a 24-hour joyride. In fact, there seems to be a modern sense of entitlement for such constant “ups,” which is a repugnant attitude any way one chooses to look at it. I definitely believe in the possibility of happiness, though; it’s just something that I think, rightfully, is rare in its genuine form, and that it can’t be counterfeited.

Here’s the whole interview.