A recent Google search for

A recent Google search for Star Chamber turned up this tidbit on the Leasowe Castle web site in Wirral, England.

One of the most atmospheric rooms in the Castle is the beautiful Star Chamber with the starred ceiling taken from the Palace of Westminster, where the most serious crimes were tried. The last gaze by the convicts was up at the “starred ceiling”.

Can it be? Has the famous ceiling from the storied Star Chamber truly been saved and moved to castle cum hotel on the Merseyside? I thought it had been destroyed with the rest of the court in the 19th century. A little more digging found this on the Wirral Council web site.

Sir Edward Cust made many additions to the castle. In 1836 when the Star Chamber of the Court of Westminster was being demolished (so called because the ceiling was decorated with stars), he saved the oak paneling and used them to line the ground floor dining room. He used this room as a library but it became known as The Star Chamber.

It appears to be true. Time for a pilgrimage.