I’m pleased with this: a

I’m pleased with this: a stripped-down version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements is available. I would have paid for it, but it came free with my new D-40 Olympus camera, so I’m doubly pleased. If it’s missing many features relative to the much more expensive Photoshop, I haven’t spotted them yet. I’m sure it IS missing high-end features, but as a non-power user, I’m happy to have a more reasonably priced Photoshop. I’ve used Photoshop for years at work and have gotten very fond of it, but it looks like the Photoshop Elements feature set is all I really need.

Fonts in movies

I love this kind of attention to detail… Typecasting is a discussion of how well movies do getting time period appropriate fonts in their onscreen typeset materials. A sample: In the movie Chocolat (set in the 1950s), we see a sign that features a font that was introduced in (quel horreur) 1978! “Perhaps the mistake is understandable. ITC Benguiat was designed in a quasi-Art Nouveau style. It is likely that Art Nouveau typefaces would still be in use in provincial France of the mid-fifties. But not ITC Benguiat. It didn’t exist. [seen on xplane.com]