So all the kids are

So all the kids are talking about Google Answers, the new service from Google that lets people post questions and that get answered for a fee. I’ll be interested to see if they can make it work… they’re amazingly ambitious and do a good job with most of the stuff they tackle. Anyway, I was surprised at how many people were willing to pay money for things that take 30 seconds to find on the web. For instance, what is the unit of measure for pain? Somebody offered to pay you $10 to figure that out. Ten dollars! Go to Google and type “unit measure pain” and see how long it takes you to answer that one. Okay, I’ll tell you: a dol is the unit of pain. The great irony to me is that people who post questions like this have already managed to find the Google web site. They just couldn’t go the last step and type in a search query. I want to know if ten dollars really changed hands on this one.