Botox parties

Botox parties represent an amazing amount of cultural convergence. Botox, or botulism toxin, is generally bad news. It kills by paralyzing important muscles, like the diaphragm and the heart. But a teeny-tiny squirt injected just above your eyebrows can wipe out muscle-induced wrinkles by paralyzing the associated squinty muscles. A little creepy, but you can sure see the motivation. Here comes the convergence: socialites in LA are throwing tupperware-like botox parties. I read about it in the Minneapolis paper this week, which means it’s headed to a suburb near you sooner than you think. The edgy-artsy set has been doing piercing parties (navels, nipples, netherbits) for some time, and heroin chic has been waxing and waning. Now anyone with wrinkles, cash, and a few friends can have fabulous tastefully-catered doctor-chaperoned fun with needles. It’s safe, cosmetically enhancing, and slightly wicked with its dark-n-spicy overtones of drugs, piercing, and sex. What’s not to like? Look for body modification parties to go mainstream.