Here’s yet another Piece About

Here’s yet another Piece About Blogs… but a good one. Cory Doctorow, one of the keepers of the Boing Boing flame, has written a blog analysis that resonates with me: My Blog, My Outboard Brain (at the O’Reilly Network). Blogs are the thing that, at one time, I thought bookmark lists were going to be. That is, they are useful citations of where you’ve been and why you admired or detested what you saw. But bookmark lists are brittle and opaque. They don’t provide enough context (even if you do bother to carefully categorize them), so you never revisit the sites you bookmarked. Eventually you stop adding to them. You can instantly pop any page onto a bookmark list, but to add to a blog (a blog worth keeping, that is), you have to focus your net-addled brain for more than half a second and describe why a given page interested you in the first place. That extra effort makes your record worth returning to. I stopped bookmarking pages about the time I started blogging.

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