No sooner did I post

No sooner did I post the link to the Welsh weblog then I got a nice message from Nic Dafis who runs it. Fortunately he wasn’t at all miffed that I made a little joke about some Welsh that I quoted at random. In fact, I did happen to pick a joke of his, which is that the transliteration of the word “weblog” into Welsh is “gweflog” which is an actual (though archaic) Welsh word which means “having large blubbery lips.” :-) I mean :-))

According to Nic, if you want to learn more about Wales and the debate about Welsh language, visit Keeping a language alive raises fascinating public policy questions because it affects so many issues of day-to-day convenience. What do the signs say? What will your child learn in school? Are some people more equal than others? Suppose you were to move to Wales next week. Would you make a special effort to learn Welsh? Would you make any effort at all? Your answer spells the difference between colonization and in-migration.

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