Mystery subscription

My latest issue of The Atlantic came in the mail. James Fallows has a thoughtful piece on what would happen in Iraq after we won a war. That, in itself, is interesting, but not surprising. The surprising thing about my new issue of The Atlantic is this: I never subscribed to The Atlantic. If anyone out there can help clear up the mystery of where my subscription came from, I would most obliged. This is from Fallows.

“My nightmare scenario,” Merrill McPeak, the former Air Force chief of staff, told me, “is that we jump people in, seize the airport, bring in the 101st [Airborne Division]—and we can’t find Saddam Hussein. Then we’ve got Osama and Saddam Hussein out there, both of them achieving mythical heroic status in the Arab world just by surviving. It’s not a trivial problem to actually grab the guy, and it ain’t over until you’ve got him in handcuffs.”

Where is Manuel Noriega today? You don’t remember and you don’t care because we put him in jail. Or maybe it was because he was really boring in the first place. I can’t remember…

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