Get those weights out of the basement!

The cosmological conundrum of the missing mass is one of the great riddles of modern science. Imagine watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance in a movie. Then remove Fred from the movie frame by frame. What remains doesn’t make sense according to your intuition about how things should behave. You can tell that something is missing. Similarly, astrophysicists look at dancing galaxies and it just looks all wrong. Where is Fred? There are two guesses, both of which seem far-fetched at first viewing: lots of cold heavy dust that is mysteriously hard to see, or lots of zippy heavy particles that are mysteriously hard to see.

But there might be another answer. Perhaps the solution lies in your hometown, maybe even in your basement or under your sofa cushions. Americans for a Closed Universe is an organization that needs your help, because you or someone you know might have the vexatious missing mass and not even know it! Click to see how you can help.