Inspired by the Zire

I’m very happy with my nifty little
Palm Zire PDA. It cost me $90, and that’s only because I didn’ know about the Amazon promotion that gets it down to $75. The conventional wisdom in the reviews is that this is a good PDA for non-geek first-time PDA buyers. It’s cheap, lightweight, and unambitious. But it’s also exactly right for me. I’m a geek, but I’m tired of paying for fancy features I never use. Plus, my last two PDAs crapped out on me. The first, a Visor Edge from Handspring, had a nice design, but I expected it to last more than fourteen months (considering the price), and it didn’t. Then I got a Sony Clie, and that broke within a week of buying it, so I sent it back. Using the Clie for a week was enough to convince me I didn’t need the color screen, or the multimedia applications, or the memory stick socket. I don’t even need backlighting for the display. I just need a basic PDA, and the Zire is just the ticket.