I ride the Segway

Last week a group of Segway engineers came to visit the company where I work. They brought along three scooters and were generous in giving the entire crowd a chance to try them out. Here’s a picture of me riding. I like this picture because all three demo scooters are in view, making it look like a typical downtown scene from the World of Tomorrow where everybody has a Segway. It was indeed easy to control moving forward and backward, but turning was a little odd. There’s something very comical about watching somebody scoot around, which has got to be tough for their marketing department. You spend $5000 and you end up looking like a moderately cool techno-savvy fast-moving dweeb. I was also surprised by the how wobbly I felt once I hopped down off the Segway. Several other people also mentioned this effect. I imagine you’d get used to that if you owned one, but it’s similar to the feeling you get after you’ve been rollerblading for a while. You still feel about four inches above the ground somehow. Still, it was a lot of fun.

If you want to buy a Segway, Amazon is the place to go. They’ve got a surprisingly detailed page that talks all about it. If you’re not going to buy a Segway, you may as well stay here and read this.

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