Thank you thank you thank you

Here’s some news you can use: AmazingMail, whose tagline is “Real Postcards are Better than E-cards,” will take your uploaded digital photo and send it to the address of your choosing as a real non-virtual honest-to-goodness postcard. It’s sort of like a throwback to the pre-cyber world. For a long time I’ve wanted a service that lets me type in a message that gets transformed into a personal letter… and maybe for extra money they could even match my handwriting. Does such a service exist? It seems like it should. Still, a postcard is the next best thing, and it may be even better if the picture is good. My wife heard about this from a friend who said it helps her do thank-you notes three times faster than ever before. And the first one is free. I’ve only tried one, sending this picture to my parents of them with my daughter. But it worked like a charm, so I’m sure I’ll be sending more.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! We loed the postcard too! Plus it it great to carry around and show off our newest grandchild, Carolyn. (She and her granddaddy are already making faces at each other!)

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