What economists do all day

My neighbor Geoff forwarded this nifty animation of actual economists filmed in the wild. The creator of this animation, Andy Foulds, has put together some amazing stuff on his site. Check out his abstract expressionism generator. Foulds’ real forte seems to be clever picture-morphing. Watch George W. get led around by the nose in this goof on money and politics.

One thought on “What economists do all day”

  1. I hate how these “artistic” flash sites are so tough to navigate. Anyways, I found this gem buried in there:


    It lets you supply your own image to the “Leader of the Free World”. Drag your own head around.

    This “dragging around” is a popular meme these days. Here is a similar one by another artist:


    I wonder if this is a new feature in Flash that everyone is jumping on.

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