Turning wheel illusion

Here’s another damned impressive illusion. The last time I posted a link to an illusion like this, I made the observation that after years of seeing the same crappy old illusions, we’re now seeing some dramatic new images. Go to
this link and watch the non-moving wheels appear to twitch and turn. If you really want to get annoyed, leave the image visible in the background of your computer and try to get some work done. It won’t be long before you close the wheel window, because those non-moving wheels are wiggling around too much.

2 thoughts on “Turning wheel illusion”

  1. Wow.

    You sort of have to wonder whether this is evolutionary advantage or evolutionary side-effect (sort of a visual sickle-cell anemia).

  2. Maybe there was a bird with feathers like this that was dangerous even though it stayed very still. Generations of evolution taught us: “Beware the Twitchy-Bird!” The effect is reminiscent of the gray blobs you see in the Hermann grid illusion (http://dragon.uml.edu/psych/hgrid.html). Similarly one can imagine dangerous translucent gray blobs that hung out at noirish intersections causing trouble for our progenitors.

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