Your kid does crappy art

My niece Sarah is in town for the week. While we were out eating dinner, her friend Paul mentioned the deranged and wonderfully cranky Maddox site, The Best Page in the Universe. Specifically, we talked about the page I am better than your kids, in which he criticizes the bad artwork of children. Because, you know what? Your five year old can’t draw his way out of a paper bag. It’s hard to argue with the guy. He’s got a lot of good ‘n’ cranky noise up on his site. For an example, see his latest post, poetically entitled “Not sure if you’re an idiot? Play it safe and don’t send me email.”

While we were on our making-fun-of-the-very-young jag, Sarah remembered the old Onion article Study Reveals: Babies are Stupid. Once again, it’s hard to argue the point. Or as the lead for the story says

A surprising new study released Monday by UCLA’s Institute For Child Development revealed that human babies, long thought by psychologists to be highly inquisitive and adaptable, are actually extraordinarily stupid.

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