Drawing as a performance art

Long time Star Chamber associate the CoffeeCzar has got his blog back on line after a long child-induced hiatus. He kicks off with a friendly link to yours truly and a link to a video of a performance art piece in which the artist “paints” in real time with a sand table. It’s a long video, but I found it spellbinding to watch the technique in action. Like writing, drawing is primarily a solitary activity, so to see how the artist conducts his line is like going behind the scenes at a movie.

The video is a Windows media file from a site called Jamizine.com. I think you’ll enjoy this Jamizine interview with annoying Italian funnyman Roberto Benigni, primarily because you can’t read it.

17 thoughts on “Drawing as a performance art”

  1. Hello, I need your help to contact the SAND ARTIST for an upcoming project for the Animal Planet TV Channel.

    Please send me email to this adress or call me at 786-273-4309.

    THnak you so very much,
    Peach Gibson
    Creative Director
    Animal Planet International

  2. hello…we loved the SandAnimation…LOVED IT…can you please tell us IF this artist will be coming the NYC anytime soon…IF that is, in fact, that he does perform..and what his name is. Thank you.
    Lois Vitiello

  3. I really would like to know the name of the artist as I would travel a long way to see one of his shows. He is exceptional. Please help by sending me any info. TIA David

  4. This was a fantastic video, just beautiful, so was the music.

    Can you post the name of the background music that was played while the artist was performing?

    Thank you,

  5. This performance artist’s work was fabulous to watch. As an event planner, I would love to utilize his talent at a client’s program. Is it possible to have the artist’s name and contact information? Amazing to watch. Thank you.

  6. This sand art video was sent to me this morning from a friend in Kawait. I have to say from one Artist to another..that was the most amazing Art I’ve ever seen. I have sat today and watched it 4x. My son of 6yrs sat and watched it over an over. He and I were just truely amazed at what can be done with such a minimal amount of money for products but yet truely a million dollar form of art. I would love to see more videos like this if at all possible. I just finished watching it again before signing off the net. Thank You so much for having this on the web. Truely Remarkable!! I love it!!! And what a day to receive it… Easter..God Bless!

  7. the drawing in this one was just stupendous, very nice job, one of the best forms of artwork ive seen a long time…

  8. The video clip was sent to me with the attached adjective “awesome”. To that I would add “spellbinding”

  9. This video was absolutely amazing. What a beautiful art form. The music that accompanied doubled the beauty of the presentation. This is one that deserves to be seen by all. Fantastic!

  10. excellent! Thanks.

    Director, designer, script, animator, producer :

    ***Ferenc Cakó***

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