The Star Chamber ProseCam

Webcams are now passé. Anybody can install a camera pointing at a ski slope or a bored coed (or a bored naked ersatz coed). But if a picture is worth a thousand words, we can agree at least that more work is required to paint a prose picture of what’s going on in front of the computer. In fact, the Rambles Weblog (actually, its Star Chamber parent organization) owns a Texas Instruments TI-2100 ProseCam. Take a look at these scenes captured on the ProseCam. The latest models are apparently much more lyrical… our 2100 is already a few years old now. TI is planning to introduce a TI-5000 PoetryCam next spring (see Gizmodo), but I heard they’re having big problems integrating the Taiwanese scansion unit. (You may have seen the HaikuCam for sale at Spencer Gifts; it’s a joke and should be avoided.)

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