A Tamil-speaking friend

Hey, look at this: Navan links to my blog. And Navan speaks Tamil. I have always been fascinated by exotic-looking characters and writing… that’s how I got started on Elvish (which now seems to be taking over my site). Ever since I bought Nakanishi’s Writing Systems of the World years ago, I have been enchanted by Tamil writing. Elvish is a made-up language, but Tamil is spoken by millions, and it looks beautiful. It’s interesting to consider that Tamil looks completely mundane to those millions. But I guess Elves don’t get worked up about Elvish, and igpays don’t get frothy for Pig Latin.

At first I thought Navan had spotted my blog from half a world away, but then I realized he works at my company! Intriguingly, he has a link called How to read Tamil. I studied it for a while, but sadly I am still no closer to reading Tamil. But Windows XP and Internet Explorer did a fine job of digging up the right font for me. At least I think so. But of course… I don’t read Tamil.

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