God detectors

Have you ever suffered the occasional doubt that Divine Providence is manifest? Do you ever wonder why, if God is so great, He doesn’t make himself a little more obvious (not to mention useful)? Maybe you just haven’t given Him the right opportunity. If your home or place of employment is outfitted with a Yo, God! God Detector, you just may get the sign that you seek. Prayer is your most likely avenue to grace, but high-quality instrumentation can’t hurt.

3 thoughts on “God detectors”

  1. Ned – are you thinking what I’m thinking? Ambient Device… You’ve got God. By kracky, you’ll be rich!

  2. I’m thinking of a Buddhist version, a nirvana detector. It has two hands, with you on one side and the universe on the other. When they come together in the middle, it’s like what Buddha said to the hot dog vendor: “Make me one with everything.”

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