Roy showed me this site for teeny tiny pilots: Micropilot. The site bears the tagline “Miniature, Low-Cost, UAV, RPV, RC Autopilots and Autonomous GPS Navigation,” which means that, assuming you have the cash, it’s getting easier and easier to be the pilot of a remote control plane. Tell one of these planes where to fly, and it will take itself there automatically. Want to have an airborne camera loiter over your neighbor’s pool? This is the plane for you. These planes are the civilian versions of what the military is used for battlefield surveillance in Iraq. The sinister side of this boon of cheaper and smaller and better is that it’s getting much easier for the other guy too. Want to land a miniature plane on the roof of the White House? This is the plane for you. What you choose to put on that plane is your own business.

Wait till the hornet-sized assassin planes start coming out.

2 thoughts on “Micropilot”

  1. Please try and do some semblance of research on the product before you post false information about it. None of the autopilots located on this website come anywhere near to being “civilian” versions of military/industrial/governmental equipment. They *ARE* military/industrial/governmental autopilot systems….what the hell do you think the market is comprised of???

  2. As near as I can tell, I could (virtually) walk in to the Micropilot site, plunk down my few tens of thousands of dollars, and walk away with a working machine and some knowledge of how to use it.

    And I’m a civilian. Prior military, sure, but “prior” by enough decades that I think I’m a full-fledged civilian.

    So I think we should consider giving Ned the benefit of the doubt over one word before excoriating him.


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