Are you a ned?

My friend Judy pointed me to Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words. It’s a great site for learning things like where the phrase tripping the light fantastic comes from (John Milton. Who knew?). What Judy sent me was an entry that says, among other things, that neds are young louts in Scotland. Google for “neds” and “Scotland” and you’ll find a load of stuff from the BBC’s Chewin’ the Fat show. They have an “Are you a ned?” test with a post-test Nedometer to tell you how you’ve done. There are also the NedOlympics (including a game in which you try to smash windows with bricks). But I most enjoyed the Neducation page. It has a variety of helpful phrases translated for your convenience. I’d transcribe one of them here, but I couldn’t understand them.

By the way, according to the Ned Test, I’m only half a ned. I was told

You could do dot tae dot on yer coupon that you’ve that many plooks, ‘n’ ye can handle yer buckie ‘n’ yer jellies, but you’d be keechin’ in yer joggies if it came to a proper square go.

3 thoughts on “Are you a ned?”

  1. You might be interested to know that your last name is actually a slang term. (Well kind of) “Gulley” or “Gully” means a couple of things in the hip-hop world. Its usually runs along the lines of meaning “hardcore” , “gangsta” etc.

    You can view some of the 17 odd definitions on this website.

    As a side note, this site is someone’s very humorous attempt at creating a dictionary based on slang terms. Its actually pretty accurate.

    Not sure how much you’d care, but a funny thought came to mind with your half Ned comment — You’re actually half hardcore or half gangsta. That’s probably more than I will ever be. :-)

  2. all the neds in ure programme r rubbish at playing that part they can’t even talk like 1 so i fink ya should git them sumfin to help them start actin like 1 .
    i think us r gd but ure neds r nae ha ha ha

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