Synthetic Biology 1.0

I’m off for a vacation this week, but here’s a good parting shot: EETimes (that is, Electrical Engineering Times) covered a biology conference last week. That must be a first. What conference was it? Synthetic Biology 1.0. Why does EETimes care? Here’s what they have to say.

A small group of about 300 attended the Synthetic Biology 1.0 conference here on the edge of the Massachussets Institute of Technology’s campus. Biologists from a variety of subdisciplines mixed with AI experts, circuit designers and chemical engineers along with a small clutch of researchers from the biotech industry. It seemed remarkable that this group has a common language, and one that an uninitiated EE would find strangely familiar.

Here’s the full article: Conference kicks off synthetic bio revolution. The electrical engineers and biologists are dancing together… the penultimate convergence is upon us. The last convergence will be when the poets, priests, and philosophers join in.

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