Big Elvish hits

I Am Bored, a site where you can lazily click on random new and marginally interesting stuff when you’re bored, has picked up my Elvish-in-Ten-Minutes page. According to their ratings page, I’m the second most highly rated page (3.6 out of 4 stars) right now, just two notches above Dwight’s Amazing Cat Collection of funny cat pictures. So I’ve hit the big time.

7 thoughts on “Big Elvish hits”

  1. Well, according to acr9057, your work is “drating stupid”. I think you’ve been, as the internet people say, 0wnZ0r3d. Would you care to counter?

  2. First these kids learn Elvish. Then it’s Haxor. Next Klingon and so on until they learn Chinese. I was trying to provide some good clean fun, but I’m afraid Elvish is just a “gateway language” to a lifetime of linguistic limbo. It’s a drating shame.

  3. Ah, for the good old days when the wild ones stopped at Esperanto or (gasp) Lojban. So, are you now rolling in dough as the internet’s premier Elvish tattoo-flash artist?

  4. Congrats…I find speaking Elvish great fun. Especially to my girlfriend, who then calls me stupid a cries because she can’t find anyone better.

    Great fun though! I will Digg it, and maybe you could take the world by storm!

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