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The era of the travel agent is nearing its end. If you fly much, you’re probably used to using Orbitz or Expedia by now. Maybe you still check in with a travel agent just to make sure you’re not missing a better deal, because after all, Orbitz and Expedia are looking for your business. So they won’t refer you to a site that won’t earn them a little something on the side. But suppose there were a site like Google (or Froogle, to be more precise) that just pointed the way to the best possible deal and then stepped out of the way. There would no longer be a conflict of interest regarding the real rock-bottom flights about there. That’s the idea behind Mobissimo.
As an article on put it:

The new sites aim to address what they see as shortcomings of the major online travel agents. For example, most of the fast-growing discount airlines like JetBlue and Southwest Airlines don’t show up on the big travel sites at all. Other discount carriers like Spirit Airlines sometimes offer promotional fares only via their own sites.

Mobissimo also recently won the coveted President-with-the-Coolest-Name award for its CEO Svetlozar Nestorov.

Incidentally, as I learned in this MSNBC article, buying a package flight-and-lodging deal might keep you coming back to the major sites regardless of innovations like Mobissimo. Package deals allow hotel owners, for example, to move expiring rooms at shockingly low rates and then hide their desperation by pairing the travel with the lodging. Nobody wants to stay at a desperate hotel, but everybody wants a good deal.

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  1. Right you are. I muddled the titles president and CEO. According to the source I quote above, Svetlozar Nestorov is the president. And since Beatrice Tarka is a pretty nifty name too, they could be up for an executive staff aggregate cool-name award.

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