Want a Gmail address?

Send me an email if you want a Gmail account. I’ve got one to give away, and the first person to send me a note (to gulley@gmail.com, naturally) is welcome to it. [NOTE: I’ve given away my last Gmail account] I’ve been very happy with it so far. They have redesigned the flow of filing email in a way that is likely to become the norm going forward. Actually, I have no idea if this invention was theirs to begin with (maybe it’s another Xerox PARC fumble), but the key innovation is that you just archive everything and then you search for what you need later. No agonizing over whether you should file it carefully or throw it away… just file it. If you need it, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it again. It’s not perfect, but it’s loads better than Hotmail.

Plus, if you get your account now, you might just snag your favorite username. I did.

One thought on “Want a Gmail address?”

  1. i still find myself deleting things, even though I *know* i can keep them forever.

    I got my first spam at my gmail addy yesterday. how satisfying to report it as spam and have it go away from my mailbox so easily!!!

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