Model airplane photography

On New Year’s Day model airplane enthusiasts around the world (well, mostly the U.S. and some in Europe) strapped digital cameras to their planes and took some snapshots:
A Day In The Life of AP. The resulting set of shots is pretty impressive: check out this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are also some pictures of places where it seems there isn’t much else to do. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how quickly this can be turned into dirt cheap Pentagon-style surveillance. Between satellites and model airplanes, your backyard secrets had better be camouflaged from now on. (spotted on Gizmodo)

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  1. More home-built RC aircraft doing frighteningly sophisticated things: Here’s a site in Canada by a guy who launches a well-instrumented model plane by balloon to altitudes as high as 80,000 feet and flies it back home. Not very impressive for the military, but damned impressive for an amateur.

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