Anthropomorphic nipperkin

The Boston Globe today included an article on Googlewhacks, the mysterious art of doing a two-word Google search that results in exactly one document: One-hit wonder. I am certain that this article will decrease workplace productivity in the Boston area for the next few days. Googlewhacking is a dangerously seductive anticyclonic mixolydian way to waste time at work. Any intemperate thaumaturg should beware its hypnotic thrall.

4 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic nipperkin”

  1. Get thee behind me, Satan!
    I have to stay away from your Blog!Between the satellite pics, the weboggle, the “Dangerous Game” and Googlewhacking, I’m on the verge of losing my job….and my sanity.

  2. I was all ready to applaud your excellent whackage, but when I do the search, “trichinosis lab” returns 18,800 results. What’s up with that? Hey, are you playing MSN SearchWhack?

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