Ice mountain

Years ago I sometimes dreamed of organizing all the kids in town to run their hoses onto the streets on some frigid winter night. It seemed so logical. You don’t need snow to close school down as long as everybody works together. It’s collective action for the common good: school buses can’t move on sheer ice. But I wasn’t a good enough organizer to rally the necessary troops and resources. My dream faded.

But now someone else has taken up the same cry, more or less. Suppose you really like ice climbing, but there are no frozen waterfalls nearby. What do you do? The Alaskan Alpine Club in Fairbanks decided they could just make one. By running the hose. All winter long. The pictures of their (at last count) 141 foot tall ice tower created entirely by spraying water into the air have to be seen to be believed. The extensive narrative that runs alongside the pictures is an anti-establishment rant that reads like a jug of Dr. Bronner’s soap.

It turns out there are ice towers in lots of places, but this one sure looks like the biggest. (seen on BoingBoing)

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