Ta-Da Lists, not there yet

Ta-Da List is a nifty free micro-web-app that helps you keep lists. That’s all it does. Brought to you by the same folks who make the online project management software Basecamp, Ta-Da List lets you set up shareable public lists (with RSS feeds, no less!) quickly and easily. I thought I had finally found what I’ve been looking for. But it was not. What am I looking for? I want a URL-based delicious-y way to post a new checklist item. I can add, for example, add a new item to my delicious bookmark list by using this URL.


Why are there no list sites that do this same thing? I want to be able to map some quick keys in the browser or in Dave’s excellent DQSD so that I can add items to my list.

Is it too much to ask for a RESTful to do list? Or an appropriate hack on the Ta-Da List interface? Oh LazyWeb hear my cry!

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  1. Plus, I can now subscribe to your reading list’s RSS feed. Pretty cool! Can’t do that with MTBookQueue (yet).

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