Macintosh early days

Over at ITConversations I listened to an entertaining talk by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the first people on the Macintosh development team. I haven’t listened to it, but there’s also an interview with him on the site. Hertzfeld has been busy telling the world about his new book, Revolution in the Valley. Ancient Mac history is in vogue these days, I suppose, because of the recent twentieth anniversary of its introduction. That would explain why there’s also a talk by Steve Wozniak at ITConversations. This is one of the more entertaining and bizarre things I’ve listened to in a long time. Woz is clearly a very smart very odd guy. You knew that already, but it’s fun to see how plays out in his stories.

Hertzfeld’s book about the Mac grew out of a web site that he put together called Macintosh Stories. I believe most of his book is available on this site, but O’Reilly convinced him that people would buy the book anyway, so now you can read the book OR surf the site. For instance, read about the infamous Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. It’s easy to imagine that some of these stories are more fun to remember than to have experienced.

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