Yahoo scores some buzz

Google google google, all day, every day. It’s making the people at Yahoo crazy. But they’ve got their own buzz machine going over at Yahoo, and some good work is starting to come to light. This kind of thing makes you love capitalism-inspired competition. The latest news is Yahoo’s Video Search tool. For a long time I have been trying to find a video of Diego Maradona’s famous solo goal run against England during the 1986 World Cup. I have tried often enough over the years that I can safely say this was once a difficult task (I never succeeded). But one quick search for Maradona goal on Yahoo Video Search took me straight to the object of my desire. I watched it. It was sort of a let down. Maradona makes the whole thing look so easy that it almost seems like a high school game. And if you enjoy soccer, be sure to watch the “Hand of God” goal from the same game, videos of which are returned by the same search terms. In this play, Maradona reveals his consummate skill at swatting the ball past the keeper with his hand (and getting away with it while the world watches). Soccer, you will recall, does not ordinarily involve the swatting of the ball into the goal with one’s hand.

Anyway: Yahoo. Google. Yahoo. Google. I suppose Pepsi and Coca-Cola sounded just as stupid a hundred years ago.

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