Pangram haikus

Oh boy, have I found a great way to waste your time. If I know you well (and I think I do), you’re going to blow ten minutes easy writing pangram haikus. What’s a pangram? I’ll let font designer Mark Simonson answer that one: “A pangram is a sentence or phrase which contains every letter of the alphabet.” As such it is useful to font mongers plying their wares. Quick foxes, lazy dogs, etc. I’ll give you the link to the Wikipedia page for pangrams here, but you have to promise me you won’t read the combination pangram/palindrome. Some people should really be kept away from word games.

Anyway, font hacks like Simonson make a lot of these pangrams, so he built himself a tool: the Pangrammer Helper. Then, the web being what it is, someone decided to use his tool to make pangram haikus. And now that I’ve told you about it, you have to do it too. Don’t try to stop yourself; it won’t do you any good. And when you’re done, send me a copy. Here are mine.

I started with some dreary ninth grade pseudo-Eastern stuff.

a box of olives
a jumpy vendor coughing
wizened kumquats rot

After a while I warmed up…

Jazz up your pangrams;
show some alphabetic love.
“Quick red fox” my ass.

and finally

Need a quick web fix?
Try this dazzling site, by Jove!
Pangram haikus rock.

Your turn. How about a pangram/palindrome/haiku?

3 thoughts on “Pangram haikus”

  1. Wow!

    Jay’s righteous pangram,
    clandestinely typewritten,
    makes his boss say “#QVFWX?Z!!”

  2. This reminds me of that beautiful
    old chestnut we used to recite in college:

    Golden Foamy suds.
    Do a full beer chug, dude-lar!
    boot boot boot boot boot.

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